Thursday, May 3, 2012

Subtle Ocean-y Gradient

Hey guys! Long time no see! It's been nothing but cloudy here for the past week so I couldn't take any photos :( I freaked out when I saw it was sunny today and was able to do this mani really fast before the clouds came back! I was inspired by all the gradient manis I've seen in the past few days, including Allie's awesome coral to peach one (see it HERE!) so I decided to do one of my own using some of my fave colors - it goes from a minty medium green to blue!

I chose the colors based on a pretty magazine cover... see how the 
color of the water starts to change at the top?

... and i used SH Insta-dry in Mint Sprint, a no-name Delia's polish, and 
SH Xtreme Wear in Blue Me Away!

The color change isn't as noticeable as some of the other gradients I've seen, but I like it that way! I think looks like the tropical water on the magazine cover :) Thanks for reading and have a great afternoon! 
- Grace

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