Lacquer Lingo

Here we have a dictionary of common nail-fanatic terms, or just words that we made up:
  •  HTF - A polish that is Hard To Find
  • Franken- A polish that you mixed yourself, short for "frankenpolish", or a verb used to describe making a franken
  • Dupe- A polish that looks exactly the same as another polish made by a different brand
  • Lemming- A polish that you've lusted after forever but have been unable to purchase
  • VNL- "Visible Nail Line" When you can see the white part of your nail through a polish.
Brand abbreviations:
  • NOPI- Nicole by OPI
  • $OPI- Sephora by OPI, because it costs more than normal OPI
  • CG- China Glaze
  • DL- Deborah Lippmann

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